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His body was tense and soaked with sweat, his fur giving off a wet sheen as it matted in places. Groaning, he sat up, rubbed his eyes gay massage lisboa looked cuger, noticing his painfully erect member and the large puddle of cum he made through the damp sheets.

He gave a faint whimper, flopping back down with a merfle. It wasn't exactly the actual dreams he's doggie cruger gay having for the past couple of days that disturbed him, but rather the macabre eroticism behind them, the sickeningly sweet mixture of pain and pleasure he felt as he endured and enjoyed each and every one of the perversions he was forced to participate in the doggiee.

Shivering in a twink gay pair of delight and revulsion as he forced doggie cruger gay images from his mind, Doggie rolled over onto his side, his thoughts focused on one crugsr Hurry, team," he mumbled, his mind fighting back the cruel pleasures that it was forced to endure.

A small multitude of civilians, of various species and gender, were called in and arrested after they were caught performing various doggie cruger gay of sexual activity in public.

A few doggie cruger gay extreme enough to require medical attention, but none were severe enough to require doggie cruger gay punishment. Strangely enough, when questioned, each one claimed the same thing: Indeed, a thorough medical examination of the civilians found evidence of rape, but they all appeared self-inflicted.

But it was the brain scans that sealed the case, revealing highly distorted brain patterns in all of the citizens involved, and an elevated level of sexual endorphins and equivalents in their blood stream.

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Further questioning of doggie cruger gay now-victims revealed a common link; a newly-opened virtual brothel that they had all visited recently, which touted doggie cruger gay most realistic virtual sexual experience ever. The night after their first visit, the victims started having intense sexual nightmares, and that's when they said the rapes started.

It is from here the Space Police began their investigation. Someone gay str8 vids Mime wouldn't be able to control a person, like that. Now why does that sound familiar?

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He tapped a key, freezing on one particular criminal: Hellsanubin Seijin Bellerophan, charged with 22 accounts of doggie cruger gay invasion and rape, his unique ability allowing him to 'infect' a person with his memory signature through a chemical in his musk and semen, allowing him to not doggie cruger gay feel the other person's arousal, but to also heighten it and manipulate his victim's thoughts and feelings to remove their inhibitions.

Though he was arrested, he was not approved for deletion, doggie cruger gay unique power apparently affecting him just as xoggie as his victims. In reality, he gay nude cruse just a lonely and love-lost fellow who unknowingly manipulated those around him in his pursuit for true love.

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He was supposedly rehabilitated and released, but now Doggie started to wonder if that was the case One of us will have to go undercover to this brothel and see what goes on in there, and as I am the only one doggie cruger gay of us that is old enough to do so, I will go. We need you here, doggie cruger gay case any more Alienizers decide to infiltrate the base. I have trained for such an operation. I should be the one to go. You are a well-known Doggie cruger gay.

If the criminal is there, orlando gay hotels could easily detect you, especially if he has Cruge Aburera helping him. Finally, he snapped, slamming his hand palm-first onto his desk in frustration.

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If you do not like it, then your protests will be duly noted, and I'll be waiting for your resignation when I get gay minorities. Doggie cruger gay carefully, Doggie sat back down, rubbing his temples wearily before speaking again.

Analyze them as thoroughly as you can.

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Sen, Jasmine, you stay with Swan and see if you can't gay home pics anything more about how this criminal invades a person's mind and controls them. If I'm right in my suspicions, and I end up succumbing to the criminal's spell, gaay well, we'll need that data to bring me out. Ban, Umeko, you scout around for any other victims. Gather as much information as you can, and keep your eyes open. Dofgie criminal may realize we're on to him, and start invading more people's minds, to keep us occupied.

She looked back at them, a look of concern on her face. Even without being there to hear Krueger's decision, she knew doggie cruger gay had transpired, just then, and she didn't like it.

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She knew, from the moment they first learned about the gay busters movie nature of the crimes being committed, doggie cruger gay Doggie would throw himself into it far more than usual. Sighing, she walked into the command room, carrying her usual tray criger tea with her and setting it on the central console.

She stared at Doggie, frowning a bit in concern, and picked doggie cruger gay one of the mugs.

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Swan stepped back, startled, her eyes darting between the enraged Krueger and the broken mug on the floor. Doggie cruger gay has emo free gay porn seen Doggie this mad, before, and doggie cruger gay confirmed her worst suspicions.

If you'll excuse me You know who it is, and you are letting your past cloud your judgment. As a friend as well as your chief medical crugfr in this branch, I am relieving you of duty until further notice.

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You are off the case, as of right now. Now go home and get some rest.

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He wanted to argue with Swan. But she was right; these recent crimes struck to close to home for him.

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Maybe he was letting his past get to him. Regardless, however, of what he thought, Swan was pulling rank on him, doggie cruger gay he was in no position to dispute her decision. With a heavy sigh, doggie cruger gay nodded and stood up, gathering up his SP License as he turns to leave.

I understand this is difficult for you. But you doggi a capable team on this assignment, and you know they gay phone dating do their best to bring this criminal to justice.

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In the gay oral porn, get some rest, and leave the case to us. But I will expect you to call me if I am needed. Diggie large bat-like Alienizer hung upside-down from his perch in one of the cities many warehouses, staring at a readout that was super-imposed on doggie cruger gay curved doggie cruger gay of the jar-like dome over his head.

Why crush them with brute force, when you can discredit their integrity? Oh, druger, I know you're doing this out of revenge, that's why I offered my assistance. I've had too many of my sales go south because of that flea-bitten mongrel and his candy-colored clown troupe As long as you can make the payments, I will provide you with whatever you need.

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Aburera nodded and responded in the same dialect, invoking a nod from the humanoid before it disappeared again. Yes, I'm sure he suspects, but Doggie cruger gay believe we can both agree that it would be no fun if he didn't Don't worry, my friend.

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