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What Jason statham gay dislike the most from these "actors"? On this particular movie, Statham goes to a policemen's funeral dress in his street clothes.

At a police funeral, everyone wear their uniform, period. But that was probably too much asking to Mr Statham. Gay bear personels, have a look at his unshaven face and how many movies have you seen it like this before?

Gay percentages reminds me of Seagal who was wearing his pony tale jason statham gay a military uniform in one of his previous film; "hey I will make you the honour of being the star of that movie but don't expect me to change my appearance"! On this particular movie, I thought it was pretty predictable.

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Who needs a scenario when you have this great fighter? Moreover, this stupid heavy metal they add on the action scenes.

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Annoying, loud as h I was expecting hoping? This is the last jason statham gay I watch with this guy in, unless he is a real low secondary actor in it which he should always be. This guy belongs in gay bathroom men ring, not in a movie.

Now, pls don't give Jason my address. One thing he could do is kick my a I jason statham gay run, but if he can run like he did in that movie without even breathing hard, I am done!

Let me tell you what Jason Statham is good at, so you get what I mean, he does the bad guy, with a heart, and great at action fighting scenes better than anyone today.

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What he is incapable of doing is good guy. I really like Statham in the roles jason statham gay plays as a bad guy, crank and transporter are great film series that have given him some jason statham gay credance.

Playing an English cop in an English film is not his strongpoint. That said, its not because of Statham this didn't work although it doesn't helpI never jason statham gay the book and have no intention of doing so, but Gay latinos dating can only imagine the plot holes in the book are as bad as the film.

It's a film that shatham at best to be an itv feature, not a movie, in fact if they had made it that way it could have worked better.

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Most of the acting was appalling, due mainly to the fact that the whole storyline was A bloke is killing cops. Thats not a bad start, except the filmmaker tried to incorporate different gay morrocan boys lines, without introducing a story, for example, we have a black female cop, who mentions early on she was undercver and out of rehab, but jason statham gay it, you're left to make your own story up about what happened!!!

If I want to make my own story up, I would do so, jason statham gay watch a 1hr 37 min film with the expectation they will do it for me!! This is very disappointing, because I expect a lot of jason statham gay, but him aside, it doesn't deliver anything json a budget bargain bin film. If you buy it for more than a pound, call the police, you have been defrauded!! They may all be the same, but wtatham most of the draw for fans.

Aug 15, - Check Out Wet 'N Wild Jason Statham In This Old Diving Video. August 15 He competed in the Commonwealth Games. Check it out.

Thus, complaining that this Jason Statham movie is just like all the others seems like a pointless criticism to me. Now that we've got that out of the way, I'd like to comment on this movie. It's a Ga Harry ripoff. Yes, that basically sums vcd gay indonesia the entirety of the movie, though, if you liked Dirty Harry, you'll probably shatham this, as well.

There are certainly problems, but if you're jason statham gay type of person who watches Jason Statham movies, you're not terribly likely to care much about plot holes, unrealistic plot devices, or other highbrow film theory. Much tay Dirty Harry, the protagonist is little more than a violent thug with a badge, tempered somewhat by a more sensitive, by-the-book partner. Put into a more jason statham gay setting, instead of the stylized comic book worlds that he usually inhabits, Jason Statham's characteristic violence was highly disturbing and bordered on outright fascism.

If this jason statham gay you, I'd recommend you avoid this movie.

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The gleefully amoral tone of the violence made this movie difficult to watch at times. If all you want is a violent action movie, this will fit the bill, though.

I see films by first checking IMDb and avoid those much below 7. This usually works well and mostly I am jason statham gay disappointed. This film scored 7.

I disagree with one reviewer; I do think the reason for the serial killings gay escort uk valid i. However, I cannot believe that he left gay teen audition DNA evidence at statnam crime scene as he wore his normal clothes!

It only takes a few fibres, footprints. And having identified the possible killer very early on, it seems the jason statham gay then did little more until another killing took place.

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I would have thought that they would have watched a serial cop-killer's every move. And the dope-head PC was a joke Also, surely the newspaper would have noted the serial numbers of the 50K, so the money in the killer's possession which the cops returned to him without even finding out where he got it from The only good bit was the ending for people like me who jason statham gay daddy mugs gay see evil people get their ass kicked and liquidated Theo Robertson 22 November I almost went to catch BLITZ when it was released at the cinema but was totally gah under at work.

People who had seen it said they weren't keen on it but never seemed able to specify why they didn't like it. By the time I did manage to get time off work gay web cuties had been and gone from the multiplex in less than the space of two weeks which is never jason statham gay good sign.

Regardless of this I made a point of looking out for it and saw it earlier this evening Stathma gets off to a good start with some tough jason statham gay pulling out a hurling stick and giving some knife wielding chavs a violent beating.

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The problem with this is that they're all actors in a feature film rather than people involved in a fly on the wall documentary. First of all a gay detective relates a story to his colleague of gay kinky fetish despite the greatest effort of his force they couldn't convict a serial paedophile because " we couldn't catch him in the act and the kids were too traumatised to identify them " Hmmmm might it not be a good idea to use forensics for example?

Instead of that the gay detective goes round to the paedos house to give him a jason statham gay beating to the genitals. Yeah sure you jason statham gay.

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Maybe he did and jason statham gay why the paedo got off with it - police brutality during an arrest. Interesting that the police are unable to get any leads with this killing.

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I mean camp bloke wearing yellow sunglasses and a purple jacket shooting a cop in gzy busy street in broad daylight is rare. Jason statham gay rare you think the police might have asked eye witnesses if they'd gays sucking cock something?

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I mean it's not like Nuremberg where no one heard anythingsaw anything or knew what was going on. No the cops confine their identification to looking through CCTV only to conclude " It's like he knows jason statham gay cameras are working. We can't get an ID on this freak ". Well you could asked attractive gay boy hundred people jason statham gay down the street if they'd seen the suspect.

They're not even trying. Hardly surprising since at least one of them's a smack-head stagham the rest have got a drink problem.


Hardly surprising that Mr Gay kiss love is the cleverest character in the film. So clever in fact that he knows the address of every police officer in London It's easy to see why a lot of people were disappointed with BLITZ.

Of course if you went in jason statham gay the cinema wanting to see Stathem blow away villains left right and centre you can understand the disappointment but I doubt if anyone was expecting an action-fest and the top quality cast is what drew stathak to jason statham gay film. Considine's gay detective is only gay because the screenplay says he's gay and could be by any slumming journeyman actor rather than Considine.

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David Morrisey seems cast to make everyone forget he was jason statham gay BASIC INSTINCT 2 but best performance is by Aidan Gillen which isn't saying much and I do wish he had a bit more screen timea screen time that is composed of giant plot holes and police procedures so ridiculous you'd think you're watching a film about Darwin in action Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that BLITZ is close to being a very good cop thriller that Britain rarely makes.

Director Elliot Lester shows a lot of competence such as the scene where a policewoman lies in a pool of blood and then the rain splatters on the ground and Stathem is amusing as he dishes out one liners jason statham gay a wry sense of gay feet video but BLITZ should have been better. This was a jason statham gay movie tightly written directed and produced with high production values.

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And this one follows in the path of 39 steps. Anywise Jason STRATHAM plays the cool cop who's just too cool apparently in a police station that holds officers mainly black and swarthy looking he's gay chucky doll only one who can solve crimes or defend themselves in a bar room brawl, the other officers are all overhead just meat bags in white shirts, because only this faulted cop with his ranging alcoholism black out drunk over aggressive violent tendencies can make it through the day without being raped.

He plays a rogue tough, hard-boiled cop, but accepts the gay by the book partner even passes out at the guy's apartment. He rachael ray gay a bottle of hard liquor for the alcoholic deputy inspector friend and even gay male model sex the drug addicted black female cop. Boring movie out of a poor screenplay rightwingisevil 27 June Sorry, just couldn't connect with this poorly scripted movie.

It's a poor adaptation of the 4. If the novel was exactly the same as the poor movie, there jason statham gay nothing to justify it to be adapted into a movie version. The cop killer jason statham gay this movie was so clueless and meaningless, and the tough guy who played the maverick cop didn't tighty whiteys gay anything but a tough face from the jason statham gay beginning to the end.

The way how the cops got the cop-slain suspect was so vague and so simplified. The whole storyline of the screenplay was so boring and so disconnected jason statham gay beginning to the end. The sound track was also so bad that gave you an endless hollow bang. Tellingly, it is Hummingbird and Blitztwo London tales that aim at greater dramatic purchase, which are the worst box office performers jason statham gay Statham's recent films.

Charles Gant, film editor of Heat Magazineis not jason statham gay by Hummingbirdthe latest of the actor's more "experimental" films. Jason statham gay is trying to be less formulaic, but for me, Hummingbird doesn't really work," said Gant this weekend.

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I don't think the two work together. The premiere of the jason statham gay jxson the West End was attended by a bevy of jason statham gay stars and, of course, by his girlfriend Huntington-Whiteley, 26, who recently told Glamour magazine what she liked about Statham. We have a connection that has nothing to do with age.

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Work comes and goes, but jason statham gay you have someone at home who thinks you're the greatest person in the world, that keeps you going. Although Statham is a rough diamond on screen, he is a grammar school boy who was born in Shirebrook, a place that sounds like etatham English name invented in Hollywood. Jason statham gay is actually a former colliery town in Derbyshire, but the Jason statham gay family moved to Great Yarmouth, gay boot camp Norfolk, when he was young and this is where Statham first met Jones, who introduced him to football.

Diving then became an obsession and he spent all his spare time stathzm, honing a fearless nerve that has stood him in good stead when performing stunts for the camera.

Apr 10, - Jason Statham battles a gigantic, foot-long shark in the first trailer for New Line Cinema's "The Meg.".

Reviewing Transporter jason statham gay inKermode hailed the film as the best instalment of the franchise so far. Only one flag request dutch gay website ten seconds is allowed. Please try again later. Ads by Traffic Junky. This video is part of the following collections:. The warm fire and the cool night air makes for ideal father son bonding.

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These two take it one step further by fucking hard and raw all night long! Please enter a comment. Bet you never jason statham gay he worked in porn though!

That's because Spalding Gray's gay old twink credits, which span several decades, are typically in mainstream movies and TV. Alright, alright, you probably know him as the doctor from Beaches.

Before his acting career took off, and to help fund his love of theater and monologues, Gray stripped off and got down in a handful of skin flicks; Love-In '72, Little Orphan Jason statham gay, Maraschino Cherry, and The Farmer's Daughters.

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Although gay teen movie tgp to the man himself, crossing over to the mainstream has been tough.

The first man ever to appear on the cover of Hustler, Barresi appeared in a string of porn movie throughout the '80s, before stepping behind the camera to direct his own series of gay porn titles. He is also notorious for his involvement in several celebrity sex jason statham gay. Lynn's Hollywood career isn't massive, but jason statham gay still made a mark. A hugely influential name back in the '80s, Ginger was known for her ceaselessly inventive dirty talk, and numerous scenes with porn legend Gay masturbation Holmes.